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NEMA is a nationwide remote and electronic notary signing agency contracted with the nation’s top Electronic Notary Platform companies. NEMA was founded on experience, integrity, and professionalism and deliver each closing with confidential and reliable services specializing in Title, Escrow and Lender closings, NEMA Online Signing Solutions is always easily accessible from your home or office. ( Get Started )

NEMA Online Signing Solutions

NEMA is honored to be part of your business. Melissa Johnson Eldridge Continues to Move Forward with RON as Newest MISMO Member By: Derrick Webster Ever since learning about Remote Online Notary (RON) back in 2017, Melissa Johnson Eldridge has been advocating and educating countless notaries and industry professionals, making major waves in the notary world. Always focusing on moving upward and onward, she entered the year 2020 with 20/20 vision. She expanded and rebranded her educational platform, now NEMA Online Signing Solutions, forming a team of highly trained mobile, electronic and RONs enabled to conduct digital closings and computer-based signings. With this venture she has consulted with several titles, lenders, and software platforms at the forefront of electronic real estate closings to provide an unmatched customer service experience. Working hard equally behind the scenes and in front of her students, she continued to educate herself in industry standards, certification, and remote online notary legislation. She recently became a member of the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization, or MISMO, to continually advocate and collaborate with industry for the integration of RON into real estate transactions. Melissa recognized the importance of membership enabled the opportunity to network and collaborate with other industry partners in the MISMO community to centralize and unify RON standards and operations. Through pushback from industry detractors and the negative impact of COVID-19, Melissa continues to trail blaze despite all odds. Just a quarter through 2020, there is no telling what other major contributions Melissa will make as she continues to set trends for the future.

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