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NEMA Online Signing Solutions & Consultants, LLC

NEMA is a nationwide mobile and online notary signing agency contracted with the nation’s top Remote Online Notary Platform companies. NEMA was founded on experience, integrity, and professionalism and delivers each closing with confidential and reliable services specializing in Title, Escrow and Lender closings, NEMA Online Signing Solutions is always easily accessible from your home or office.



We are integrated through the following software platforms to simplify your closing
requests for mobile and online notary signing services


Qualia integration with Resware provides a streamline workflow process which allows our:
1. Clients to create a closing order
2. Submit documents directly from title to Signing Services through a secured portal
3. Share and communicate needs and expectations,
4. Make secured payments to signing services, without the hassle of mailing checks .


The NotaryLoop gateway is a multi-platform integration service that allows us to communicate with any notary that is listed in the NotaryLoop network, allowing both parties to fully collaborate with one another, giving them a direct “system to system” connection.

NotaryLoop’s direct connection limits the exposure of borrowers’ Non-public Private Information (NPI), making them less vulnerable to internet threats.

1. Place orders directly from RamQuest software to any notary signing service.
2. Allows you to work with your preferred notary service
3. Eliminates potential re-keying errors – saving time and money
4. Send and receive documents in a secure encrypted environment
5. Reduces phone calls and emails

Digital Closings with Nexsys Clear Sign Portal

Together NEMA and Nexsys provide a streamlined online closing process with live notaries on a MISMO certified platform.
While NEMA is responsible for live Notary support, Nexsys offers live technical support.
To make things even easier for you, we have created a solution built for the mortgage industry by mortgage professionals.

Getting started is easy as:
1. Place an order with NEMA
2. Send your documents through our secured portal 
3. NEMA will prepare and service your documents
4. Complete online notarization.

Notary Rank and Assignment

We provide a rigors ranking system which allows us to rate notaries based upon their performances, closing completed, professionalism, dress code, positive feedback, negative feedback, and overall rate

Services and Features

The preferred closing partner of local, regional, and national title companies since 2006.

Security & Compliance

NEMA works hard with our partners to protect our clients and signers private information and utilize Non-public Private Information (NPI) portal through integration of title loop.


Book RON or standard appointments, send instructions & deliver documents seamlessly.

Mobile Notary Services ( In-person )

With combined softwares NEMA database consist of over 100,000.00 notaires nationwide, to perform in-person notary Signing Services with a mobile notary that drives wherever your client is.

Scheduling & Coordination

NEMA takes the head-ache off our clients with scheduling and coordinating all your in-person and online closings. Our closing team has extensive experience with managing and scheduling services for our clients and signers. Our agile environment allows us the flexibility to coordinate nationwide and international signings.

Remote Online Notary Services (Online notary)

NEMA offers 365 - 24/7 online notary services., with a nationwide database of online notaries, and provides services national, and international to our clients needs. Simply upload your documents to our secured portal, and let NEMA do the rest. Through our Top notch, hands- on, online notary training, and support we are able to onboard our online notaries to any approved RON platform of our clients choice.

Document Review and monitoring

NEMA offers document review, and error correction, upon all scan backs before returning the documents our team members will scan and review all documents, if any errors with missing signatures, dates, etc.

Top vetted and trained mobile and online notaries

Our Signing Agents are required to submit NNA backgrounds, provide a minimum of 2 years of hands-on loan signing agent experience and education, interview with our closing team, and demonstrate industry knowledge. Must have a professional headshot on profile, and consent to represent our clients with the highest of integrity and professionalism at each closing. We understand just having a good profile is not good enough for our clients.

Our Online Notaries are provided a free NEMA RON course, and must score 80 and above, must have loan signing experience, must show online notary knowledge, interview with a NEMA trainer, and demonstrate how to complete a digital closing on various RON platforms. We know just having an online notary commission doesn’t suffice the knowledge and performing an excellent RON transaction.

Get Your Document Legally Notarized In Minutes