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Q1 & Q2 Review and First RON Summit Recap

NEMA provides digital solutions and support for today's online notary businesses worldwide.

Professionalism and Integrity when you need it most.

NEMA is a nationwide remote and electronic notary signing agency contracted with the nation’s top Electronic Notary Platform companies. NEMA was founded on experience, integrity, and professionalism and deliver each closing with confidential and reliable services specializing in Title, Escrow and Lender closings, NEMA Online Signing Solutions is always easily accessible from your home or office.

Our Services

NEMA Signing Solutions offers consulting, platform implementation, training, and recruiting services to help prepare your business operations for the world of Electronic and Remote Online Notarization. NEMA can help you create a strategic plan to help your business reach its goals. From research and discovery to staff development and training to business plan implementation, NEMA will work with you to ensure you are ready to win in the digital economy and prepare for what’s next.


Platform Implementation


Recruiting Services

Notary Network


For individual enotary training sessions please click on this link and select your choice of training.

Remote Online Notary Training System

This training manual is meant to educate and provide instruction for navigating through the various software, and the legalities surrounding the Remote Online Notary process. After reading this training guide, one will have the understanding of how to apply for a remote online notary commission, select and operate a remote online notary platform, and how to write a customer service script as a remote online notary. As a notary I am not an attorney and can not give legal advice.

Signing Solutions and support for today’s businesses.

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